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Berth Operating

Loading and unloading of cargo from the ship. Cargo includes both import and export items from various parts of the world.

Clearing and Forwarding

Ensuring smooth and timely process of receiving shipments and goods once delivered to the port.

Freight Forwarding

A non-vessel operation acting as an agent to deliver goods from manufacturers, exporters and importers to a certain market.

Quick Loading Unloading Service

Our fast and secure berth operating services enable better loading and unloading performances compared to our competitors.

Quick FCL and LCL Delivery Services

We perform organized and safe FCL and LCL delivery services through the integration of software technology.

At a glance of Fazlisons Ltd.

Fazlisons Limited was founded in 1986 as a Stevedore Company with 100 employees in staffs and labors. The company served only a few clients with Hanjin, PIL, Ever Best Shipping Line, HRC, K Line, Sentrance Maritime, Sea Consortium Private Ltd.

In 2007, Fazlisions was assigned as a berth operator of Chittagong Port Berth No. 9. The company has maintained this stature with production efficiency, following its participation in Chittagong port assigned tender and has met Bangladesh government and Chittagong Port compliance criteria to continue its berth operation and stevedore services.

Global Shipping


GP Shipping